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Poster Mucato endresult

Poster for Mucato

The reason

A couple months ago I wrote about my dad and the theatre group Mucato. He is their paymaster.

At least once a year they perform a play in theatre in Hoofddorp. Last year they played ‘De Jossen’. My dad had asked me if he could use one of my artworks. You can see the poster here.

I offered to make the next poster. That is why my father asked me a couple of weeks back if I still wanted to do so. Of course I said yes.

The play

This year on the 17th and 18th of April, they play ‘Alice in wond wond wonderland’. This is a play about Alice in Wonderland and the horrible things that happened around Josef Fritzl.

For those who don’t know about that: Fritzl locked his daughter up in the basement for years and got a couple of kids with her.

In this play you get a peak into her world. For that, parts of the story of Alice in Wonderland is used.

The beginning of the poster

Some time ago, I watched a documentairy on Netflix about the case of Fritzl. I saw the room this girl has lived for so many years. I read the script as well. It is written very lively and paints a good picture of what her life looked like. It tells you about the feeling of falling through a concrete shaft.
I remember the heavy doors and concrete walls which lead to the room where the girl was locked away.

This image, together with the script, gave me the idea of the poster.

What can you see on the poster?

The feeling of falling was my inspiration for the poster. The background is gray, from light to darker. As if the woman is falling through a concrete shaft to a dark room.

There is a pregnant woman without a face. The fact that she doesn’t have a face makes her almost anonimous, forgotten. The pregnant belly refers to the kids she had in the soundproof basement.

The woman is wearing a yellow dress. This wasn’t the case in the original design. I gave her a light blue dress, like Alice in Alice in Wonderland.
But then I heard that the Alice on stage is going to wear a different kind of dress. To give the audiance a piece of recognision, I chose to draw the dress that is going to be used on stage.

The font for the title is Reenie Beanie. I gave the theatre group Mucato a few fonts to choose from.
All of them were kind of childlike handwritings.
When this girl was locked up, she was about seven years old. She was taught to write before she ‘dissapeared’. With this font I wanted to show that time stopped for her. As if she would still write like a child years after her dissapearance.

The last words

It was wonderful to have this much freedom in the design. I had a few ideas and made the strongest idea into a poster. It felt good to have the freedom in colours and forms. Obviously the text was already thought of but I could play around with the fonts.

What a cool assignment to get and I feel honourd to see my work on multiple places in a few weeks!

Thanks to Theatre group Mucato and especially to my dad for giving me this assignment!

Poster Theater Mucato de Jossen
Poster Mucato first sketch
Poster Mucato changed colour
Poster Mucato altered dress
Poster Mucato endresult
Workshop Islamic school - busy kids

Workshop at an Islamic school

The arrival

I arrived early at the school. I have never been to an Islamic school before so I wanted to have some time to ask a couple of questions and get used to the idea of teaching toddlers again.

I was a little too early because there was nobody there yet. Luckily after a couple of minutes two women approached me and the school. They let me in and told a little bit about the school.

Before the workshops

I gave three workshops to toddlers. Every time in a different classroom. I would start the first workshop right after the start of the day so I was already there to unpack. The workshop doesn’t use a lot of materials so I was ready in no time. The teacher asked me if I wanted to join the Islamic start of the day in the teachers room. Of course I joined.

All teachers gathered in a big circle in the teachers room. There was a large table in the middle and a pink and black couch to the side. One of the ladies who opened the door for me, sat down at the table and pulled a book towards her. She read a bit from this Koran. The good thing was, it was the Dutch translation so I understood what the text was about. Then a short round of questions and news and then everyone went to their own classroom.

The first group

I stood besides the door with the teacher and gave a hand to all the kids. Kleinkunstig told me not to give a hand to boys because I’m a woman. Turns out, that isn’t the case if the kids aren’t of praying age. Toddlers don’t have to pray yet, so I can give them a hand.

When all the kids sat on their chairs, the teacher and the kids sang their start-of-the-day-song. It sounded beautiful and I wish I could understand what they sang.

After that, I told the kids what we were going to do and we went to work. They did a very very good job at colouring, cutting and glueing. That’s why the results were very good as well!

The second group

The second workshop group was located in the classroom opposite of the first group. I could easilly pick up all the materials and walk to the next room. The kids were all ready for me to begin, so I did. And there was an intern as well so we had some extra helping hands.

Here the kids worked very hard and neat as well. At the end we were in a little bit of a hurry because the kids had to get ready for gymclass.

The break

I had an hour between the second and the last workshop. That was lovely because toddlers want a lot of attention and that askes for a lot more energy than a sixteen year old who can work for themselfs.

Halfway through my break, the rest of the teachers got their break as well. Now I had the chance to talk to a couple of women. I told them how impressed I am about their Islamic school. Mostly because I gave this workshop once before and those kids were running around screaming. I couldn’t work as much there as I have done here on this Islamic school.

After that we talked about birds, bee’s and kids.

The third group

The last group was in the classroom across the hall from the teachers room. This group was a lot more energetic and less organised than the other two. But they worked wonderfull non the less. The kids still made a wonderfull piece of art.

When I left, I got hugs from a few kids.
What a lovely first experience with an Islamic school!

Workshop Islamic school - Koran
Workshop islamic school - couch
Workshop Islamic school - busy kids
light graffiti groep 2

Light graffiti

What is Light graffiti

Before I explain how awesome this workshop was, I’ll explain what light graffiti is.

It’s a form of art, light art and photography. By giving the camera a long shutter speed, the camera takes in more light. If you adjust the shutter speed like that, taking a photo takes multiple seconds so there is enough time to make a drawing with light in the air.

To make sure the drawing comes out nice on the picture, it is necessary to take the pictures in a dark room.

The workshop

I’ve given and written about this workshop multiple times, the wearables. Last thursday I gave this workshop again. This time to 4 vwo at the Alfrink college in Zoetermeer. The nice thing about this age and level of thinking is that they can think well for themselves.

First the kids made a circuit on paper to get into the idea of letting a light burn. Then we all started to build up the bracelet.
Previous times I had only one hour to do the workshop. Then there is just enough or just not enough time to get everything to work nicely.
At the Alfrink college I had two hours times. I used one and a half hours to make the bracelets.


Normally I would tell the kids exactly what they should do to get the bracelet work as fast as possible. But normally I teach kids who aren’t older than fourteen and they usually don’t have vwo level of thinking.

I wanted to use their brain so I let them figure out the last step of the circuit by themselves. Some worked it out perfectly, others needed some guidance. I told them how I would do it but I let them still choose their own path.

Working bracelets

After one and a half hours all the bracelets worked. Then right after I noticed that, one stopped working. And one guy wanted to make his bracelet work even better. The result was that it didn’t work at all, unfortunately.

All the kids joined me in a classroom that could be darkened completely. Everyone joined for a group photo, everybody worked on the light graffiti pieces.

After the group session, a couple of kids wanted to go alone or in small groups to make some more light graffiti. The more they tried, the more creative they became. Unfortunately some bracelets decided it was time to stop working.

A darkened classroom

This was the first time the school made sure there was a classroom that could be darkened and that I had plenty of time left in the workshop to make the light graffiti.

The light graffiti really makes the difference for the workshop and gives the bracelets a purpose. The other times I could teach the kids something new and some kids really made a pretty bracelet. But the workshop gets a lot better if there is time to play around with light graffiti.

The pictures you see are a selection of the pictures we made during the workshop.

light graffiti emma
light graffiti groep 1
light graffiti groep 2
light graffiti heart 1
light graffiti heart 2
light graffiti scribble name
light graffiti smiley
Book cover

Book: nice girls don’t get the corner office

A book as a gift

As a Christmas present Joeks sister gave me a new book: nice girls don’t get the corner office, written by Lois P. Frankel. I mentioned this book last week.

How does this book work

It is a workbook of sorts. You can actively work with it, use it. In the first chapter you’re asked to fill in a questionnaire. You get a certain score; this helps you navigate through the rest of the book.

The book is divided in a couple chapters. Every chapter obviously contains a lot of text but not in the way you would expect it. The chapters are filled with ‘mistakes’, they are numbered through the book. In these mistakes you can read about what someone else did and how you can do it better to get a bigger succes.
Sometimes the writer tells you what someone did absolutly right.

After every subheading, every mistake, you find a couple of tips. Sometimes just the coaching tips from the writer. Sometimes tips from a professional.

A good book

I think this is a good book for a number of reasons.

Reason 1

Two years ago I picked up a book after years of reading almost nothing. I picked up a book and read it cover to cover. Since then, I started to read a bit more again.
I’ve read a couple of books these two years but you can’t say I’m a bookworm.

Now we’re at the point of why I like this book: it’s easy to read. The mistakes are written down on usually one or two pages. This gives you plenty of moments to put the book down. I wrote about how I like that earlier in this post about ‘The secret lives of color’.

Reason 2

I like to make notes in my books. With some books it feels like I’m not allowed to. In this book you are encouraged to make write in the book.
Of course you can choose to do this on a different sheet of paper so you don’t need to write in there if you don’t want to.

Reason 3

The book is about how to become a more powerful or empowered person at work. I already see myself as an empowered and/or powerful woman but not yet at work. There is a lot to learn and I am, thanks to this book.

Reason 4

It is very practical, with all it’s tips and tricks. There are a couple of things I can and want to use right away. These things make changing myself for the better very achievable.
There are a few things I’d rather keep or work on later because right now they aren’t relevant or seem too big.

Reason 5

It’s written by a woman for women. You will read about countless examples of strong women in the businessworld and comparisons between men in women. The book is about how to close the gap between men and women.

What now?

I’ve read a quarter, maybe a third, of the book. I’m going to continue making notes at the points I need to work on. And keep on reading through things I don’t want to work on yet.

All pages I think I can use right now, I write down. That way I can easily find back my notes and practical tips.

The missing scheme

The text I was reading spoke of a scheme. It was based off of the pyramid of Maslow. I had to look this up. The text said the scheme in the book was about working life.

At the spot where the scheme should have been, was just empty space. I had no idea what the text was about because it was so deeply connected to the scheme.
Because I didn’t understand a thing about this subject, I emailed the writer. I wrote about which book I was reading, the missing scheme on which page at what misstake and if she could send me the scheme.

I didn’t expect much to happen. A writer of a bestseller and a coach probably doesn’t have the time to reply to an email full of spelling mistakes and she even had to figure out what scheme I was talking about.

I was wrong. Within three days I had a reply with the missing scheme attached and the best wishes for the new year!

Book cover
Book page 213
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