Accountancy theatre group Mucato 1992

Today I worked for several hours on understanding my own accountancy.
As you know I started this company on July the first. And if you have a company, you need to pay your taxes and your VATs. And I have zero knowledge of them.

Some of you know that I’m no hero with numbers. I don’t even know for sure if 1 + 1 is actually 2. That is why I wasn’t looking forward to the accountancy part of my company.

I tried to avoid doing this part but I can’t do that forever and the time has come now that I need to know what I’m doing and should be doing.

Of course I do something in it every now and then. I know I need to keep all the receipts, I know I need to pay taxes and that I need to save some money for that… But that is about all I know.

My dad is a clever man with a couple spare hours on a saturday afternoon. So there I went: armed with my laptop and some courage. My dad is a practical man and we think alike. The best way to understand something is to look at a simple version of it. He is the paymaster of theater group Mucato and took the accountancy from this theater group from 1992 out of the attic. This book is older than I am. There were all these loose words and numbers written down on the paper in a beautiful handwriting. On the basis of this book my father explained to me what ledgers are, how I can use them and this made me think about the ledgers I need for my company.

Together we had no idea how my accountancy programme works so the bigger part of the afternoon we were trying to figure this one out until we both had a pretty good idea of how it works.

And now, miraculously, I dare to say that I understand how to keep my accountancy accurate. And that is right on time, because it is almost time to pay some the VATs for the third quarter of the year.

Thank you for your help, dad!

Accountancy theatre group Mucato 1992
Example accountancy Theatre group Mucato 1992

Marieke Noordhuis

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