Bright Makers on an event

Bright Makers just arrived

Bright Makers on Bright Day

Bright Makers asked me to work on the Bright Day event, presented by RTL. This is an event about Science and Technologie. I’m not super technical but I do know a couple of things about the workshops that Bright Makers offers.

Hydraulic dragon

On pictures on Instagram and Facebook you can see that I regularly give a workshop where dragons are made by kids. Of course this is not only about building a beautiful dragon. This is also about learning how a hydraulic system works.

It’s wonderful to see the penny drop in the eyes of the kids. They all of a sudden understand how hydraulics work and how this makes their dragon move.

Workshop of Bright Makers

Bright Makers offers more workshops, not just the hydraulic dragon. This company is promoting education where you learn by creating. I like that a lot. I think it is very important for your brain to learn while you play, learn while creating. They see how something works in their hands, like hydraulics. You could explain this with text and images but it sticks a lot faster when the kids can figure things like this out themselves.

The event

Bright Makers had a stand on Bright Day. I was working here with two coworkers. Together we set a couple hundred kids and parents to work. We let them make pretty dragons. Some came mostly to work with a hydraulic system and figure out how that works, others came by to make a wonderful creation. The fact that it is a flying dragon, was a bonus to some.

It was lovely to work my butt off for two days. The most tiring thing was talking over all the sound to explain what the kids needed to do. Around us were a lot of stands and almost all of them had a soundsystem blasting through the room.

Bright Makers just arrived
Bright Makers kids working
Bright Makers stand

Marieke Noordhuis

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