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Business card Potrait Marieke Noordhuis by Marieke Noordhuis

New website live!

Today it starts! The website is live, the business cards are ready… From now on I can go big with promoting myself and looking for customers.

I’m curious what the world has to offer and what I can expect from the wonderworld of this website! I will post a new blog here every week. You can follow me and my developments here. I will show here what keeps me busy, what inspires me to draw, what I made, what kind of nice people I’ve met.

On this website you’ll see images of my own drawings. These are drawings I make because I overheard something or saw something. I think in pictures. What you say, I see in my head. Every now and then this makes me draw strange or alienated images. As you might have seen, there is a quote of Magritte on this website. He is one of my biggest inspirations.

Besides my own work, you’ll see the results of assignments. I’ll write about where the assignment came from. Sometimes I’ll explain how an image came to be. Sometimes an image has a background story that is more interesting than others.

Then there is some space on the website to show what kind of workshops I give. I try to do this as much in pictures as possible.

And, lastly, you can find the category ‘other’. This is the category I use for drawings and pictures that I don’t see as my own work but that does say something about me. For instance, my business card.

I’m looking forward to a beautiful collaboration between you and me and I hope that we can meet each other while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.
If you’re not sure how to reach me: the new website is live. On this website you can find a contact form and my email address.

Business card Potrait Marieke Noordhuis by Marieke Noordhuis
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