Harry Potter Handlettering

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and I

I consider myself as a Harry Potter fan but as you might know until a couple of months ago I wasn’t a big fan of reading. I’ve read one Harry Potter book and even that is not true because I had an audiobook. The rest of the story came to me through Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

I can loose myself in the first couple of movies and I can mouth almost all the words. Until movie six. There, the movies get more tense and I can’t see Harry as a little boy anymore. I always have a hard time watching the last couple of movies and I even stop watching after 5 or 6.

A while ago, there was an expo on Harry Potter. Joek and I went there and we had a blast! We tried as hard as we could to not spend all our money in the gift shop at the end and I think we did alright. We bought a couple of sweets and the Marauders Map. I can’t wait to live in a little home together with Joek and see this map on the wall every day.

The assignment

I’ve been asked to draw at least two quotes for Sandra.

The first quote we talked about was one of Hagrids: What’s commin’ will come and we’ll meet when it does. It sounds like a wonderful quote and I had to look up what it’s about. I already wrote that I didn’t read the books. This is clearly a quote from the books or I would have recognized the lines.

The second quote was one of Dumbledores. This one I do recognize clearly from the movies: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light.
I remember this one so clearly because I’m still amazed by how well this one is laid out in the movie. The image on the screen fits so remarkably well with the lines!

The assignment is to write those on a parchment like background and keep it simple and clean.

Plan of action

Sandra showed me a font that she would love to see. It turns out that this one is available as a free download. This makes my job a lot easier. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it will look too simple and make the image look less than it could be.

That’s why I plan on making a test text. One with the font and one drawn by me.
I’ll send Sandra this image and let her decide what she likes best on her wall.
When I’m done drawing, I’ll send everything to the printers and let them print and cut everything the way I want it.
Then Sandra and I need to think about a frame and once that is done, I’ll send her everything and hopefully I can show you the end result in no time. But for now you’ll have to do it with a picture of the first movie.

Harry Potter

Marieke Noordhuis

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