Het stuur van Tuur

Workshop hydraulic vehicle - almost done

Het stuur van tuur – hydraulic vehicle 

Het stuur van tuur, the steering wheel of Tuur, is a book connected to the week of the children’s book. This week started last wednesday. In the theme of this week – vehicles – I gave a couple of workshops. Het stuur van tuur is a book about a little boy who is picked up from school by his neighbour. Everyday it’s with a different vehicle: a bicycle, with a sleigh…

Grade 3 to 4

The kids in 3rd and 4th grade were going to make their own vehicle. And a very special one! The kids made a hydraulic dragon. I gave them all got the parts that they needed for the dragon and then they started to work. With markers and colouring pencils and coloured paper they got to work. Some groups made a bit of a traditional dragon, green with scales. Others made one in a rainbow theme. Another group made one in pink and purple. 

The dragon

Kleinkunstig send me all the parts I needed. That’s how the kids got to make such beautiful dragons.
With a laser cutter all the parts were cut. Every dragon had one belly, two sides, two heads and two wings.
The head was attached to the side with a split pin. The rest is put together with tape so that the wings can move easily.
As a base Kleinkunstig send me round pieces of styrofoam. With two skewers and two drinking straws you can let the wings rest on this.
The final and most important part is the hydraulic system. For this, I got 200 syringes and a couple of metres of plastic tube. On one syringe I attached a piece of tube, the other syringe I filled with water first before I attached it to the other end of the tube. One of the two syringes I taped to the belly of the dragon and there you go: a flying dragon!

The kids

The kids worked very hard and tried their best to make the most wonderful dragon. Some even made paper people to fly at the back of the dragon. After all, it is a vehicle.
Not only the kids were working hard, the teachers did as well! They were very busy helping their kids and helped to make the most wonderful dragons!
It was a lot of work but that was no problem for the kids. Because who will take the dragon home in the end?! The creativity of the kids continued to surprise me. One decided that all the dragons should stay in school. Another thought of a way to pass it around. A little boy thought: “You can earn the dragon by working extra hard next week in school!”. A drawing of lots was thought of as well.

I hope some of the teachers will send me the end result because not every group got to finish their dragon within the time of the workshop.

Workshop hydraulic vehicle result green dragon
Workshop hydraulic vehicle - working kids
Workshop hydraulic vehicle - almost done
Workshop hydraulic vehicle - end result

Marieke Noordhuis

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