Illustrating a new book

Illustration of a book

To illustrate

I like to illustrate books. I don’t know the world of illustration very well so I don’t have much illustration jobs for books yet.

The last time an acquaintance pointed me in the direction of a writer in search for an illustrator. This lead to the collaboration between Ondine de Hullu and me.

Facebook message

The same acquaintance shared a facebook post with me. It was a short message in a group. The even shorter version of it is this: I’m looking for an illustrator for my book. It’s a psychology book.


Last wednesday I met with Michael, the writer of the book. We sat down for two hours, chatting. At first to check if we would be able to work together, of course. Second, to get to know each other a little bit and last, but absolutely not the least, to learn more about the project.

It was nice meeting, we had fun. It turns out that we share the same kind of humour, we think quite alike.The most interesting discovery for me was this: his style of writing and my style of drawing are very similar. Not to clean and serious. A little sketchy, maybe even searching.

The assignment

The next day I got a text that he would love to work with me. At that time I was writing down a collaboration contract because I had hoped to get a message like that.

I’m going to draw about 60 illustrations. The book will be designed in a very visual way. It will probably have about 4 or 5 chapters. Each chapter has a couple of pages who all have their own subject. Because of that I can make an illustration for almost all the pages.

The way the book will be designed fits the content of the book very well.

The result

I can’t say a lot about what the book will be about. In a couple of days I will meet with Michael again. Then we’ll talk about what I can shout out to the world and what I need to keep to myself for a while.

In the coming months I will share a few short updates about where we are with the book. And obviously I will share where you can buy the book once it’s finished.

Illustration of a book

Marieke Noordhuis

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