Last workshop in Leiden

Workshop wearables belt

Workshop Wearables

The last five weeks I gave a series of one workshop in Leiden: wearables. Wearables are wearable technology, like smartwatches, heated vests, headphones, etcetera. I teach the kids the basics: how to make a circuit and how to let a little light light up with this circuit.

Workshop in Leiden

In Leiden I had a small group of seven kids. Together we made a circuit on paper with an LED ligth, a battery and copper tape. Then, with the same ingredients on a piece of felt, we made a bracelet. After that the kids started on their own design.

The speedo

Two guys wanted to make a sort of speedo. I didn’t see the point of having a LED light on your underwear, so they made one to put over your pants.
The speedo is made out of yellow felt, on the front burns a little blue ligth. On the inside, on the butt, is the battery located. They could have put it right next to the ligth but they thought it would be funnier to put it on the butt.

The last day they used their time to decorate their underwear with needle, thread and orange felt. They made a giant penis.

The belts

Two ladies wanted to make a belt. They measured the width and length neatly. It couldn’t be taken out of one piece of felt so they cut off two pieces and sowed them together. Then they started with adding a lot of little LED lights. After they put the circuit and the lights together they found out they both made a mistake somewhere. And they couldn’t get it right. I helped them check multiple times and I could not find the mistake either. The only option there was left was taking it all out and start over with adding the lights.

The one decided to make a belt with a lot of non-working lights. The other decided to make one with two working lights, because it’s easier to find any little mistakes.

The balaclava

Two gentlemen wanted to make a balaclava. I didn’t have any black felt so they made a bright orange one. First they picked up one of their own caps to look how it’s made. Then they measured their heads and drew their balaclava cap on the felt.

They worked together nicely. They switched after they did a little piece of cutting or sowing. They checked together how the light should be attached and where the battery should go. The cap works splendidly!

The diadem

A young lady wanted to make her own diadem. She drew a good sketch of how big it should be, how many lights she wanted and where. She cut off a piece of blue felt and went to work. First she drew where everything had to go: the lights, the battery, the copper tape and the iron wire.
Unfortunately she was sick on the last day and didn’t have the time to finish it.


Multiple pictures were made. Pictures of all the seperate works but a group one as well. That last one I would love to post here but I haven’t recieved it yet. There are multiple pictures of the workshop Wearables on my Instagram, just not all of them from Leiden.

Workshop wearables underpants
Workshop wearables belt
Workshop wearables balaclava

Marieke Noordhuis

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