Macrame – trying something new

Macrame project

Time off

A lot of things that have to do with art, don’t give me the relaxing sensation it used to do when I was a child. That’s why I like to look for new things to do in my spare time. That way I don’t have the feeling that I am working but I can still look for new art forms.


Macrame is a form of art with knots. You put all kinds of different knots in pieces of rope. Then a pattern grows and you can even choose to put things in it like buttons. Here you can see a picture of a recent piece I did. And of course the internet is full of examples.

My own macrame

I quickly knotted a hanger for a plant but after that I was looking for a new project. I was just knotting away without thinking, without a purpose and just look at what happens in the end. I do like to work this way. I love the way things submerge under your fingers without thinking about it.

But then I could take everything out again because I thought something else would look even better then what I was doing. Right after that, I bought two tiny plants. I thought it might be nice to put them into the work. This gave me more of a purpose to knot for. It was easier to make choices. It was nice to work without a plan but it is a lot more practical to work with one.

Finally I had a plan and I knotted the day away. One the one hand I knotted for fun, practice and decoration. On the other hand with a target in mind, so the little plants fit nicely into the work. It’s almost like a puzzle. I keep on looking for the right kind of knots and shapes so the little plants and the knots look well together.

I’m open for suggestions for a next project!

Macrame project

Marieke Noordhuis

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