Monotype workshop in Bussum

On Thursday the 29th of August I’m going to give a workshop Monotype in Bussum. This week I’ve started to brainstorm. I’ve forgotten how much I like it to work with Graphic techniques.

For those who don’t know what a monotype is, a short explanation:

Mono means one and type, I think the best way to explain is: it’s a kind. So a monotype really is a one of a kind.

A monotype is the opposite of an etching. Rembrandt made a lot of echtings.
You make an etching by scratching the surface of a material. This used to be a copper plate but I like to use just a plastic sheet of one millimeter thick. After the etching is scratched in, I put ink in the scratches and take the surplus of ink away. Then with a press you press the etching onto paper.

On the picture you can see I’ve used both techniques when I made this. The black lines are the etching and the colour is the monotype.

I did that in the following way: I made an etching on a plastic sheet as I described and put ink on it. After I took all the surplus of ink away, I made the monotype on the same sheet of plastic. In this case I’ve painted with ink.


At the monotype workshop in Bussum, I’m only going for the monotype. First of all because that’s what they chose to do, they didn’t choose making an etching. And second: making a monotype is a lot faster and you don’t necessarily need a press.

The students are going to introduce themselves by their artwork. They all get a linen bag and they will print their logo or design it so it really says something about them. I’m very excited to see all the creativity of the students. But maybe I’m even more curious and excited to see the results! After all, you never know how a monotype is going to look in the end.

Monotype by Marieke Noordhuis

Marieke Noordhuis

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