Monotype work in progress

I was asked to give a workshop monotype on thursday with three nice colleagues. This was on a middle school in Bussum. If you’re curious about what a monotype is, I advise you to read this blogplost. There I explain what a monontype is.

I was given a fourth year class. I could use the biology classroom on the third floor. This was the first day that the students were back at school. They had had a morning programme, then they had my workshop and after that their planned out day continued.

I had a few minutes time to prepare the classroom. I wanted the tables in groups of four, this would help the students spacewise. I had a powerpoint presentation prepared and I wanted my materials so that me and the students had easy access to them.

They listened to my explanation and answered my questions. After that they started to work. I asked them to make a design for a bag so that at the end of the workshop they could introduce themselves to the class via the bag.
It was nice to see how the students worked. Some of them asked for a sheet of paper and a pencil to draw everything out first. Others prefered to just grab some ink and a bag and started to print immediately.

Some designs were very detailed and were beautifully printed on the bag, others were a bit more – how can I put this – minimalistic. The execution and the results both say a lot about the students and therefore I reached my goal: showing the students and the teacher who they are. Not all students were happy with the end result but I was able to explain to them why I am very happy with all the end results.

At the end there wasn’t enough time for the students to clean up all the mess they made so I cleaned up after them. This taught me that I need to bring more things to help them clean up afterwards.

I enjoyed giving the workshop very much and I’m looking forward to giving the next one. Wednesday the fourth I’ll give a workshop in Doetinchem.

Monotype of a student
Monotype work in progress

Marieke Noordhuis

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