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Museum teacher – why do I want to know?

A few weeks back I wrote about Tin Figure museum in this blog. In that museum I spoke with Harry about the education program and how I might be able to improve it. I have a few ideas but I have no experience working for or with a museum.

Museum teacher – the expert

Because I have no experience in working for a museum, I wanted to talk to someone who has. So I send an email to Teylers Museum in Haarlem and asked if I could talk to the one who’s in charge of the education program. Apparently I could because a short while later I got an email back from Fieke Kroon. She agreed to see me on the 5th of December at 11 o’clock in the museum.

A chat in Teylers museum

We met in the cafe. I sat there with a cup of tea, a few questions and a notebook. A lady walked up to me and asked if I’m Marieke Noordhuis. We talked about who I am and why I emaild her. I explained that I used to be a teacher, I now have my own company, I give workshops and maybe I’ll be working with the Tin Figures museum in the future.

Then I could ask her my questions. When she answered one of my questions she also answered a few others. So in no time it became clear to me how I should approach the task of making and finetuning an educational program. She told me I could always come and seek her help if I needed to.

Her turn

After answering all my questions, Fieke had a question for me too; Would I like to work as a substitute workshop leader for Teylers? Of course I want to! What an offer. This is just steps away from my house. I did tell her that I plan on moving to Zwolle. She is going to figure out if I can get travel allowance.

What an hour! At 12 o’clock I stepped through the door of my house with a lot of extra knowledge and a new client.

Teylers Museum

Marieke Noordhuis

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