Illustration for Joek

Project details

In a blog I wrote a couple weeks back I talked about about drawing an illustration for Joek.

Together we chose an image. I turned it into an illustration. You can see the result here.

We chose two vertical pieces. Joek wanted a horizontal one but he lives in a house with a low ceiling. When you put horizontal art on the wall, you emphasize the width instead of the heigth of the space. To give you the illusion that you are in a space that is higher, you should use vertical lines.

That is why we cut the image we found in half and made it into two vertical pieces. On top of that, as you can see down here, we chose the image wisely. The vertical lines of the trees give an extra long effect to the artworks.

Now the work is printed and put into a frame. All we need to do is hang them on the wall. Here you can see a picture of the result inside the frames.

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