Invitation Kofi

Project details

Kofi Boateng asked me to design an invitation for him. In this blogpost you can read about why he needs this invitation and what he wanted me to make.

This is the result. The yellow in the background symbolizes gold. Gold is a very important precious metal for the Ashanti.
Colourful paterns are visable on this image. In the background I’ve kept it modest so that it doesn’t take your attention away from what this is all about: the image of Kofi himself.

I drew Kofi in two different styles. On one side I made his Dutch part. He is wearing a suit and has a stethoscope around his neck. After all, he just graduated as a doctor. On the other side his Ghanaian roots in a traditional robe with a colourful patern and gold jewelery.

At the end I gave the texts a blue background. This is to make the text more readable and grabs just as much attention as the image of Kofi.

For Kofi I made the address and date unreadable here on the website.

CLIENTKofi Boateng
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