Potentional new work

Illustration of Miss Marieke at work

At this moment

Right now I work for Kleinkunstig and the Teach-in Group. At the one I work as a self-employed person, at the other as a regular employee. I also work for clients who come to me. For them I make drawings, illustrations and art. For Kleinkunstig and Teach-in Group I teach people all kinds of things.

Possibly new work

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment in Amsterdam. I was meeting up with a company in an old large school building. In this building I found all kinds of businesses but I was looking for one in particular: the quickly growing Lukida. I had a meeting to see if we want to work together.

Lukida – what is that?

This is a company which tries to do something about the shortage of teachers in elementary schools but in a creative way. They hire self-employed people like me to work as a substitute teacher on different elementary schools. I would teach the kids how to draw so that an actual teacher can teach a different group how to spell. I have no idea how to teach a kid how to write. I do know how to teach a child to create and to draw.

The problem

I would love to work for this company, and they would like to work with me. Here’s the catch: I want to move in with my boyfriend and I want to do that on the other side of the country, in Zwolle. This company has work in and around Amsterdam. Luckily they are growing, the shortage of teachers is a national problem. Soon they will have some work in and around Zwolle. So unfortunately I won’t work with them yet but hopefully they will have enough work in Zwolle soon so I can work with and for them.

Lukida and self-employed people

I already wrote that this company works with self-employed people. I’m a little scared to go full self-employed. I then choose to have no security of finances in my life whatsoever. Now I have a small job which gives me a small steady income. The moment I start to work for Lukida, that certainty of a steady income will be gone. I need to think about that and do some maths. Because if I can’t earn enough with it, I can’t do it.

Also, there’s some extra work involved. I need to do more accountancy stuff. This isn’t a real problem since I finally start to understand how it all works. But it takes up a bit of extra time. For every day I work for this company I’m going to have to write a new invoice. I don’t have to do that with my little job now. I clearly need to think about this.

Illustration of Miss Marieke at work

Marieke Noordhuis

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