Renske the angel

Picture during worksession

Renske, the angel

My sister, Renske, is coming over to help me with my company. As you know, I’m a beginner at all of this. My dad helped me before, with my accountancy and now my sister is coming to the rescue.


In my last post I wrote about being very busy, because of the week of the children’s book. Workshops for this week were planned and booked by Kleinkunstig. Now winter is coming and schools are busy with vacations and test weeks. Therefore they are not very busy with planning nice and fun cultural activities.

Still, I would like to be able to pay my rent and buy some food.

To make sure I have enough income, I need clients. To get clients I need to do something. And I have absolutely no knowledge of this whatsoever. Fortunately I know someone who has this knowledge: Renske, the angel.

So she is coming over to help me work out my client acquisition. Or actually, she is going to tell me what client acquisition is and how it works.

What is coming?

I’m very curious what she is going to tell me. Until now the only clients I’ve had were people who already know me. The workshop at the petting zoo was through a friend of mine, the portraits that I made were for my mothers. The first and only assignment I got from someone other than a friend, was Kofi’s invitation. It’s time I reached more people to work with.

I’m looking forward to reaching more people. And I hope to come up with a system to make those clients stay with me. I need customers who come back to me to make sure I have a steady income.

In short, it is wonderful to have my own company. I only have to do what I really love to do. But the only problem is that it is very uncertain. I’m never sure there will be an income, let alone a steady income. I hope my sister, Renske, can help me set up a steady clientele.

Illustration Renske customer acquisition
Picture during worksession

Marieke Noordhuis

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