The secret lives of color

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For my birthday I asked for the book ‘The secret lives of color’, written by Kassia St Clair.

The book is about – you guessed it – colours. It’s set up very clearly. It starts with a general text and then more detailed information.
It starts with some general information about why the book is written, about colours and their origins. Then the real deal begins: the different shades of colour.
First you read about different shades of white. The colours are broad. So in the category ‘white’ we find lead white but also silver. 

With every shade you learn a little bit more. Sometimes it’s more about the origins of a colour or how a colour used to be made. But other times it’s about battles and important people with a certain hair colour.
In almost any case, the name of the colour is explained. 

‘The secret lives of color’ is written so lightly! I’m rushing through the book. It makes it readable because every shade has only two or three pages text.
I like to read in the train or right before I go to sleep. The fact that there are so many put-the-book-down possibilities, makes it a practical book for me.
What makes it hard to put away is that it’s so well written!

Next to all the nice information in ‘the secret lives of color’ there are some beautiful quotes. There is one quote of Kandinsky: “… red that’s been brought closer to humanity by yellow”.
I think this is a wonderful description. As you can see on the website, the colour orange means a lot to me. With this company I try to bring people closer together. Sometimes that means that I bring myself closer to other people, sometimes I bring others closer to each other. That is why the colour orange means even more to me thanks to the quote of Kandinsky.

Illustration of an open book

Marieke Noordhuis

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