Workshop monotype in Bemmel

Workshop monotype Bemmel result


Last Thursday, on Joeks birthday, you could find me in Bemmel. I’m from Haarlem and my topographic skills are nonexistent. Although it’s getting better thanks to all the workshops I give throughout the country!

Bemmel is located – for those who are as good at knowing places as I am – near Arnhem. Quite the drive from Haarlem. Luckily I didn’t have to start until noon at the school so I didn’t have to get up early.

Before the workshop started

I arrived a few minutes before noon at the school and I was brought to the classroom where I was needed for the workshop. A lady approached me. She was the teacher who was going to join me in the classroom. We started to talk and it turned out that we did the same study. We both know a couple of teachers and a fellow student of hers was a teacher of mine.

It felt good to chat with her because we are like-minded about the art academy. We are both very happy we went there, because it made us a good teacher. But we also have a couple things to say about how things should or could be different.

The workshop

In Bemmel I gave the workshop Monotype. I am expected to make the prints on bags but I don’t like those results that much. I rather give them the choice to work on paper and explain them why I personally prefer printing on paper. A couple of kids chose to print on the bags and made some very pretty prints!

The kids went to work. First they thought of and sketched out a design and then they printed a trial version on regular paper. Some discovered they used to little ink, some found out it was too much.

After the break

The nice thing about this day was that I could work with these kids for two hours with a little break in between. The kids had the time to eat a little and it gave me the oppertunity to organize the workshop a bit better.
There was a clear moment to start with the real deal, the endresult: after the break.

The kids fixed what they figured went wrong in their trial version. Some used more ink, others a little less. Some worked more with colour areas, others made their design a little sharper.

The results

They made very creative pieces of art. All of them on their own level. A guy who found it a difficult technique made a simple design and that worked out well! He could tell me clearly what went better in the trial version and what was better in the endresult. If he had more time, he would have made a perfect monotype.

A girl made a design which was a bit hard in my opinion but it came out better than I could have imagened. Eventually she chose to let it go completely and started experimenting with colours and ink. She made a beautiful background or abstract work.

On the other side of the classroom a girl wondered if she had to print everything at once or if she could print twice on the same place. Obviously she choce to do the last. First she printed the colours, then she printed the lines over that. It had a nice feeling to it and worked realy well.

Two ladies worked on the effect of making ink stains. Both made a pretty and well made result. One of them chose to use extra tools. First a paintbrush but she didn’t like the effect for what she tried to make. When I told her the ink is waterbased, she chose to use a dish cloth.

Next to the text you see a couple of pictures of what they made.

Workshop monotype Bemmel result 1
Workshop monotype Bemmel result
Workshop monotype Bemmel result
Workshop monotype Bemmel Snoopy one
Workshop monotype Bemmel Snoopy two
Workshop monotype Bemmel result
Workshop monotype Bemmel result
Workshop monotype Bemmel result
Workshop monotype Bemmel result

Marieke Noordhuis

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